What is the difference between RGB and CMYK?

  When designing your buttons over and over again using professional software like Adobe Photoshop, or our recommend free software Gimp, you will probably come across the terms "CMYK" and "RGB" at some point. People who are not professional artists usually do not know why it matters which mode you create your graphics in. The novice user would ignore what they mean and just create their design in the mode that looks better. You will most likely notice RGB designs look much more crisp and vivid on a computer screen compared to CMYK. There is a reason for that and...
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Welcome to the New!

A year ago we started working on upgrading our website with the goal to be more mobile friendly. We wanted to allow our customers to order quickly and on the go if needed. Today we finally are happy with what we have been working on and decided to make it available for everyone to use. It took way longer than we expected to create pretty much the same website using a different platform. Those who visit us frequently may think a lot has changed just looking at the site. Really we are offering the same products and same great service...
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