Bottle Cap Opener Button Parts

Bottle Cap Opener Button Parts


Making a custom bottle cap opener is easy. It is just like making a regular pin back button. No extra effort is needed.


These button parts are compatible with most standard 2.25 inch button maker machines. Below are some pictures of button machines we know these parts will work in:


Here are some pictures of button machines we know these parts will not work in:

Sample Parts:

If the machine you have is not shown, we recommend ordering a sample to make sure the parts will work before ordering a larger quantity. We offer sample part sets for free. You just have to pay for the shipping.

Order Sample Button Part Sets Here.

These parts are not compatible with Badge-A-Minit or Badge-A-Matic machines


The 2.25 inch bottle opener set includes

  • Mylar plastic covers (thickness .003 mm)
  • Front (Shell)
  • Solid Metal Back (Bottle Cap Opener)


How to use

About the Key Ring Feature

What is also neat about these bottle openers are that they can be attached to a key ring. There are two holes that the key ring slips through. So you can turn your bottle openers into key chains.

Get key rings for your bottle openers here

Paper Recommendation

The manufacturer recommended paper weight for best results is 20# - 24#. However 20# - 32# paper stock thickness is usually acceptable.

Photo paper is usually too thick to make buttons with for most people. We have had customers tell us they successfully used thick paper like photo paper but it is tricky and more time consuming. To make it possible, the circle you cut needs to be a little smaller in diameter than the mylar for the button size you are making. This makes it easier for the plastic mylar to wrap around the edge of the button and not get stuck in the machine's dies.

Parts made in the USA

All parts are manufactured in the USA and sourced from steel in the USA.