Snap-In Pinback Button Parts

Snap-In Pinback Button Parts


This Product Has Been Discontinued

Known as "Snap-In" or "Snap-Together" Buttons. Currently we only sell the 2.25 inch diameter size.

No button machine is needed to make pin back buttons with these Snap-In Button Parts. All you need is paper you can print or draw on. Cut the paper into a circle and insert the paper circle between the front shell and back pieces. Then just snap the clear plastic pieces together and you have a button you can wear on your shirt.

You can also change out the graphic and reuse the parts over and over to create different style pin-back buttons.

A set includes only 2 pieces:

  • plastic back (with pins inserted)
  • clear plastic fronts (shells)


How to use

Sizes Available:

  • The only available size we have so far is 2.25 inch diameter.


Graphic Templates

Templates you can use to design your buttons are available here for download.